Auto-darkening welding helmet CRYSTAL 2.0

CHARACTERISTICS Type auto-darkening Options IR protection DESCRIPTION You won’t believe your eyes. Crystal Lens Technology Brightness level 2.0 Shade levels 4 to 12 For the first time in the history of welding you as a welder see the joining process as it actually takes place. How the weld pool melts, how the weld seam is… Read More »

EN 379,Auto-darkening welding helmet

CHARACTERISTICS Type auto-darkening Norms EN 379 DESCRIPTION Crafted to protect a welder’s eyes and face, our thermal plastic welding shields safeguard against infrared burns, flying sparks and other hazards. When protection from overhead hazards is required, our versatile shields may be attached to protective headwear with various MSA accessories. Our protective eyewear fits over many… Read More »

Auto-darkening welding helmet T-LINK®,heat-resistant

CHARACTERISTICS Type auto-darkening Options heat-resistant DESCRIPTION T-LINK® System is the new technology granting total eye protection for the welding operator T-LINK® A COMPLETE SHIELD THAT PROTECTS THE EYES The innovative eye protection system for welders T-LINK® represents a new frontier for the safety of the welder and is the only commercially available auto-darkening system that… Read More »

TIG welding helmet ADF725S,MIG,automatic

CHARACTERISTICS Options TIG, MIG, automatic DESCRIPTION 2 free hands – optimal operation light state DIN 3,5 dark state DIN 9 to 13 Power On/Off – fully automatic sensitivity control by stepless dial knob with solar cell and 2 AAA alkaline batteries# suitable for stick,- TIG,- MIG/MAG CO2 – and plasma welding or cutting

Auto-darkening welding helmet 420,EN 175,MIG,TIG

CHARACTERISTICS Type: auto-darkening Norms: EN 175 Options: MIG, TIG DESCRIPTION The welding helmet mod. 421 can be used for all types of welding processes as of 5 amperes (MIG/MAG electrodes, TIG/WIG, plasma jet cutting and welding) except laser and gas welding. It is specially recommended for TIG welding as it is equipped with a special… Read More »