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EN 166 welding helmet SR 584/SR 580

CHARACTERISTICS Norms EN 175, EN 166 Options heat-resistant, automatic DESCRIPTION The SR 584 welding shield is intended for use together with the Sundström SR 580 Helmet with visor. Complete helmet with welding shield together with the battery-powered SR 500 or SR 700 fan and approved filters are included in the Sundström fan-assisted respiratory protection device… Read More »

EN 166 welding helmet SR 587/SR 580

CHARACTERISTICS Norms EN 166 Options with respirator, heat-resistant DESCRIPTION Description Safety helmet SR 580 with a gold plated shield. Suitable when work is performed in extreme heat as the shield significantly reduces radiant heat. Technical Specifications More Information Art.nr. : H06-8510 Color : Blue, Gold Country of manufacture : Sweden Operating temp. : -10 –… Read More »

Auto-darkening welding helmet T-LINK®,heat-resistant

CHARACTERISTICS Type auto-darkening Options heat-resistant DESCRIPTION T-LINK® System is the new technology granting total eye protection for the welding operator T-LINK® A COMPLETE SHIELD THAT PROTECTS THE EYES The innovative eye protection system for welders T-LINK® represents a new frontier for the safety of the welder and is the only commercially available auto-darkening system that… Read More »

Auto-darkening welding helmet ADF 2999 series

CHARACTERISTICS Type auto-darkening Norms EN 379 Options heat-resistant DESCRIPTION Tigerhood® Futura ADF welding helmets continue to set the standard for performance with quality, reliable auto darkening filters that take advantage of the latest advances in ADF technology. Since 1990, welders have relied on the quality and reliability of Fibre-Metal ADFs to help them make better… Read More »

Auto-darkening welding helmet FAZOR 1000 PLUS

CHARACTERISTICS Type auto-darkening Norms EN 170, EN 175 Options heat-resistant DESCRIPTION FAZOR 1000 PLUS The Fazor 1000 Plus offers optimal protection for daily welding tasks. Simple and robust, it excels with its high quality and an excellent price-performance ratio. With its protection levels ranging from 9-13, it is suitable for a variety of possible applications,… Read More »