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Auto-darkening welding helmet CASOUD2,EN 379,EN 169

CHARACTERISTICS Type auto-darkening Norms EN 379, EN 169 DESCRIPTION The Casoud 2 Series, manufactured by Delta Plus®, is a self-darkening welding helmet. It is suited in a different variety of applications that needs a shade 11 protection, that is designed in a polypropylene includiing a glass fiber. In addition, it has a screen that is… Read More »

EN 166 welding helmet SR 584/SR 580

CHARACTERISTICS Norms EN 175, EN 166 Options heat-resistant, automatic DESCRIPTION The SR 584 welding shield is intended for use together with the Sundström SR 580 Helmet with visor. Complete helmet with welding shield together with the battery-powered SR 500 or SR 700 fan and approved filters are included in the Sundström fan-assisted respiratory protection device… Read More »

EN 166 welding helmet SR 587/SR 580

CHARACTERISTICS Norms EN 166 Options with respirator, heat-resistant DESCRIPTION Description Safety helmet SR 580 with a gold plated shield. Suitable when work is performed in extreme heat as the shield significantly reduces radiant heat. Technical Specifications More Information : H06-8510 Color : Blue, Gold Country of manufacture : Sweden Operating temp. : -10 –… Read More »

EN 175 welding helmet SR 591

CHARACTERISTICS Norms EN 175 DESCRIPTION Description SR 591 | WELDING SHIELD is design for use either by itself or in combination with a respiratory protection system. The welding shield is designed for easy use and operation. Adjustable head harness for best comfort. The SR 591 can be equipped with different types of welding filters. To… Read More »

Electronic welding helmet Bolle B800

CHARACTERISTICS Type passive Options UV protection, IR protection, arc, heat-resistant, electronic DESCRIPTION Active filters, An intelligent technology Active welding filters provide reliable protection. Whether in a clear or darkened state, they ensure permanent protection against UV/IR emissions, heat, sparks and projections. The filter’s degree of protection is defined to avoid blinding by the electric arc.… Read More »

Auto-darkening welding helmet Cobra,EN 170,EN 175

CHARACTERISTICS Type auto-darkening Norms EN 170, EN 175 Options with respirator DESCRIPTION This product is engineered and built to exact and strict standards, with the Cobra welding visor being constructed to high specifications, from engineering grade nylon 66. Cobra has been designed with the user in mind, and is delivered with many unique features that… Read More »

Arc welding helmet VIKING™ 3350

CHARACTERISTICS Options arc DESCRIPTION VIKING™ 3350 BLACK WELDING HELMET K3034-4 Top Features Industry Leading Optics – 4C® Lens Technology, 1/1/1/1 Optical Clarity and extra large 12.5 sq. inch viewing area All Day Comfort – Innovative X6 Headgear distributes weight, reduces pressure and optimizes balance Increased Productivity – External low profile grind control Professional Versatility –… Read More »

Auto-darkening welding helmet T94™

CHARACTERISTICS Type auto-darkening Options TIG, MIG, arc DESCRIPTION T94™ Maximized comfort, visibility and productivity for the professional welder – featuring ClearLight™ Lens Technology Features WHAT’S INCLUDED – 5 outside cover lenses – 2 inside cover lenses – Helmet bag ClearLight™ Lens Technology High-definition optics for precision arc recognition Lightweight Lighter for reduced operator fatigue Well-Balanced… Read More »