Auto-darkening welding helmet T-LINK®,heat-resistant

By | August 20, 2020




T-LINK® System is the new technology granting total eye protection for the welding operator T-LINK® A COMPLETE SHIELD THAT PROTECTS THE EYES The innovative eye protection system for welders T-LINK® represents a new frontier for the safety of the welder and is the only commercially available auto-darkening system that guarantees total eye protection during welding. BLUETOOTH® TECHNOLOGY FOR SECURITY With T-LINK® the filter is activated prior to the welding arc The T-LINK® system is based on the continuous communication between the welding torch and the auto-darkening mask, which is handled with Bluetooth® technology. When the trigger is pulled, a Bluetooth® signal is sent to the LCD screen filter, which responds by getting dark a moment before the arc is activated. SAFETY IN ALL CONDITIONS In carpentry or shipyard welding, it may occur that a structure element inadvertently covers the filter sensors. This causes the filter opening and the resulting irradiation in the operator’s eyes. With the eye protection system for welders T-LINK®, on the contrary, during welding the filter remains obscured to guarantee total safety for the welder. DYNAMIC OPENING DELAY The eye protection system for welders T-LINK® is able to automatically determine the opening time of the filter, depending on whether the operator is making a short (spot welding) or a long welding. The T-LINK® system thus guarantees the maximum eye protection and an excellent operating speed.